Speech & Language Therapy

One of the things that makes Blanche Nevile unique is that we provide our pupils with specialist teaching in small groups, as well as regular opportunities to learn in our mainstream partner schools, alongside hearing peers. This provides our pupils with ‘the best of both worlds’ and daily opportunities to further develop their language and communication skills.

How we work:

  • Pupils’ communication needs are assessed and evaluated on an on-going basis
  • Each pupil has an individual ‘Communication Profile’. This is an active tool that details how the pupil communicates. It outlines strategies for the whole school to use to ensure the pupils’ communication needs are incorporated into all aspects of their learning
  • We work closely and effectively with several Cochlear Implant centres.
  • Joint working between the Speech and Language Therapy  team (SALT) and school staff is integral to service delivery.
  • Therapy is carried out in small groups, pairs, individually or in the class, as appropriate.

SALT Service Aims are to:

  • Maximise pupils’ functional communication potential in Spoken English and/or in BSL
  • Make the best use of new hearing skills following a cochlear implant or residual hearing (from hearing aids or bone conductors)
  • Ensure pupils have the appropriate communication skills they need to access the curriculum and, where needed, to develop alternative strategies
  • Give pupils the confidence, skills and strategies to communicate to be best of their ability in the hearing world. This is taught using smile Therapy © (Strategies & Measurable Interaction in Live English) www.smile-interaction.com
  • Engage with families effectively to support communication aims in the home and community

“Brilliant to see gold standard communications, and learning environments where children obviously flourish.”

Speech & Language Therapist

Nov 2016


Our aim is to optimise the listening potential of all our pupils, whether they are cochlear implant or hearing aid users. We have an on-site Educational Audiologist who supports in a variety of ways, including regular monitoring of hearing and maintenance of pupils’ equipment. We maintain close links with all the audiology clinics and cochlear implant centres.

We have FM systems that are used within the Blanche Nevile classrooms and also in the mainstream classes. This ensures that all pupils have the best opportunity to listen in all environments at school.

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