At Blanche Nevile School British Sign Language and English are given equal status and both are taught as a language. Both are used to deliver the curriculum. Successful communication is the key to confidence and wellbeing for all our children. Every child in the school has the opportunity to study and use British Sign Language (BSL) as we believe it benefits them all.

As well as supporting their language development, BSL allows all deaf children to communicate easily with each other. Some children who have well-developed oral skills, will receive their education through spoken English, possibly with signing to support the spoken word. Others will receive most of their education through BSL.

We also have BSL classes for pupils and staff in our Partner Schools. BSL also enriches pupils’ friendship patterns and social lives. Deaf identity is very important for our children so that they can feel secure and at ease about their place in their family, their school community and in wider society.


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