At Blanche Nevile, we really value your feedback and appreciate your testimonials. Here are a few of the recent views from parents and children, as well as the wider community.


“I like talking to my friends.”

“I like the staff.”

“I like learning new things and learning more BSL.”

“I like learning about being deaf.”


“My daughter is so happy at Blanche Nevile that we may need to make a bed for her in Reception as she loves the place so much.”

“I commend the staff ability to recognise individual student needs and the way they are addressed.”

“I am happy with my child’s progress. She enjoys coming to school every day and enjoys the work.”

“Very pleased with the school.”

The Community

“Pupils from Blanche Nevile School visited the Tower of London on the 31st of October and Hampton Court Palace on the 10th of November. I was extremely impressed to find that both classes asked excellent questions throughout their session and had very enquiring minds! The class visiting the Tower were the first group ever to take part in our new pupil evaluation process. We asked the children to spin the arrow on our question spinner. All of the responses that the children gave to the questions asked were of high quality and demonstrated that they had learned and retained lots of information from the session and had really enjoyed the experience. The children visiting Hampton Court took part in our online survey using i-pads. All of the feedback provided by the children will be collected and used to help us improve our sessions for other children who will come to visit our sites.
Blanche Nevile pupils are fantastic and we would love to welcome them back to our palaces soon!”
Deborah Hogan
SEND Schools Programme Manager at Historic Royal Palaces

“I had the pleasure of greeting and supporting pupils from Blanche Neville School both on 31st October at the Tower of London and on 19th November at Hampton Court Palace. What struck me about both groups was how very kind and generous the pupils were towards each other. The pupils’ perceptive questioning and the careful attention they paid to the sessions was also highly commendable, but my enduring memory of Blanche Neville School is the sense of a truly caring community spirit.”
Claire Chard
Learning Producer, Historic Royal Palaces

From our Open Day for Professionals, November 2016

“Fantastic day. It was lovely to see the children so confident and obviously enjoying their work and learning so much.”

“It has been great to see how you work in an integrated way across specialisms and year groups. It will provide a positive blueprint for adapting how we work in the community.”

“Absolutely loved seeing the BSL story sessions what young, yet confident, deaf children! Great to see BSL being valued as an essential part of the deaf culture.”

“Brilliant to see gold standard communications and learning environments where children obviously flourish. Lots of ideas to take forward and to think about.”

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