For Parents & Carers

Welcome to Blanche Nevile.

At Blanche Nevile, we are very proud of the excellent support we give to our students and their families. We want all our students to thrive in all aspects of their development, and we feel that strong home-school links are essential for this to take place.

We have a full time Home School Liaison Officer whose role is to support students and their families in a variety of areas. These may include family signing in the home, behaviour support, grants, DLA, classes forparents and equipment. We also support families in contacting different agencies to access a variety of services. We keep parents and carers up to date with events that are taking place in the Deaf community throughout the year e.g. play schemes, activity days, parent events and classes as well as Blanche Nevile School events.

The Home School Liaison Officer will carry out home visits for all new students. The purpose of the visit is to share information and to discuss whether or not the school can provide any additional support. The home visits are important as they support all students and their families with their integration into our school community.

The areas mentioned above are not exhaustive. We welcome families to contact us with questions and suggestions, and we will always do our best to help.

The relationship between home and school is valued very highly. We aim to work together as partners to provide the best possible education and care for our students.

Please find below our Home School Agreement which is signed by parents/carers and the Headteacher when a child joins Blanche Nevile.

Home School Agreement

We hope you find these pages useful and interesting and please do get in touch if you have any questions.

“The school is very supportive both at home and at school. They have a very good family support in place”

A parent 2015

“The care of pupils is outstanding. Parents and carers and the pupils agree that they feel very safe at school”.

Ofsted 2012

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