History of Blanche Nevile

This is Blanche Nevile, our founder, who was born on 16th February 1871. Blanche was the youngest of 13 children. Blanche lived in Tottenham and became a Teacher of the Deaf at 23 years old. This was the start of a remarkable career with a far-reaching impact on how deaf children would learn to communicate and actively participate in their community.

Blanche Nevile started the school for deaf children on 14th January 1895 and worked at the school for 30 years.

Blanche Nevile was not only an exceptional teacher and formidable headteacher, she studied new methods of teaching, travelled widely and, through her work with Manchester Leeds University, was involved in training and inspiring a new generation of Teachers of the Deaf.

Our school, which she established, has an unbroken tradition of leadership in standards, in communication techniques and in caring for and valuing every child.

Blanche Nevile would have been very proud to see our thriving school today.

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