KS3 Intent

To ensure broad, ambitious and individually tailored access to the National Curriculum, constantly adapting and evolving to remain challenging, flexible and personalised.

To be aspirational for all learners ensuring that they are on a learning path that is ambitious, age appropriate and delivered at an individualised pace.

To ensure learners SEMH needs are addressed to enable consistent learning.

KS4 Intent

To ensure all students gain nationally recognised qualifications at a level appropriate to their ability.

To ensure all students are following an ambitious and driven curriculum path that meets their individualised needs.

To ensure all learners are prepared for adulthood and ready to take their place as responsible citizens.

To promote and encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning to ensure all learners reach appropriate destinations on leaving KS4.

KS3/4 Implementation

Our curriculum has been developed to best prepare our students for life beyond our school.

There is a high level of personalisation in our curriculum and a wide range of subjects can be studied at different levels of outcome, from entry level to GCSEs.

Different curriculum pathways are planned for individual students.

Matching each young person’s learning to their needs and interests enables them to aim high and achieve their very best.

Our secondary curriculum includes a strong focus on creative and practical subjects that develop social communication and other essential skills for future adult life.

Our Secondary offer includes GCSEs, Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications, Entry Level Certificate (ELC) qualifications and Unit Awards.

To further support literacy and in particular, reading,  in the secondary school we have timetabled daily Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) sessions for pupils to enjoy reading/literacy time either by listening to stories/texts being read to them or by reading texts that interest them, or accessing literacy based activities, both individually or in small groups. Pupils also have access to our library where a range of text types are available for them.

KS4 Pathways

Students continue to study the following compulsory subjects at Blanche Nevile

Currently, we offer the following KS4 options:

KS3/4 Impact

Staff provide effective and immediate verbal feedback throughout lessons to check, consolidate and progress learning. This is achieved through the high staff to pupil ratios within classes and promotes positive and relevant discussion between staff and pupils regarding their work, this immediate feedback is an effective tool in supporting progress and impact.

We monitor the impact of our whole school curriculum in a range of ways.

  • Observations
  • Learning walks
  • Book/work scrutiny
  • Teacher/Support Staff meetings
  • Assessment Data
  • Reporting to parents/carers
  • External Monitoring visits by School Improvement Partners
  • Monitoring by Governors
  • Leadership Team development work on SEP/SIP
  • EHCP Reviews
  • Student Voice
  • Parent/Carer voice
  • Staff voice
  • Multi professional meetings
  • Student qualifications
  • Student progression and destinations

The impact of our curriculum offer is evident through pupil’s enjoyment for learning.

Pupils are prepared for the next stage in their educational journey and effectively transition into their subsequent educational provision.

KS3 Curriculum Overview – 2022-2023- Autumn Term 

KS4 Curriculum Overview – 2022-23 – Autumn Term

KS3 curriculum overview Spring Term 23

KS4 curriculum overview Spring Term 23

KS3 curriculum overview Summer Term 23

KS4 curriculum overview Summer Term 23

KS2 Exam & Assessment Results

% pupils level 4
and above
Teacher Assessment0/2 or 0% SATS1/2 level 4 in math or 50%
0/2 level 4 in reading/
writing or 0%
% pupils improved
by 2 or more levels
We only have data for 1
child as JM joined at the
beginning for Year 5
BL improved by 2 or more levels
% pupils level 5
and above
0/2 or 0%
Names of Reading Schemes
Phonics Visual Phonics
Reading Schemes Oxford Reading Tree
– SongbirdsAlpha Kids

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