Partnership School

Blanche Nevile School Secondary Department is housed in a new purpose-built provision on the site of Fortismere Secondary School. As with the primary pupils, they  follow child-centred inclusion programmes and both schools work in close  partnership to ensure inclusion opportunities are maximised and developed.  Our secondary pupils have many opportunities to learn and play alongside their hearing peers.  Break and lunchtimes, extra-curricular activities and PE are inclusive and staff from both schools are committed to supporting  high quality inclusion in the classroom and beyond. Some of our secondary pupils attend the majority of their lessons in our partner school whilst at the same time receiving one to one individual support from our qualified Teachers of the Deaf and support staff.

British Sign Language is widely used throughout the community. There is Deaf Awareness training for all staff and children, and a number of Blanche Nevile staff provide role models as Deaf adults. Our partner school provides outstanding sporting facilities, including specialist gyms and playing fields for football and other games. The schools are also fully accessible to those with physical disabilities.

Staff from both schools share expertise, knowledge and practice; have opportunities for joint training and work together to continually improve a fully inclusive school community.

For more information about Fortismere School, please visit their website at

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