Admissions and Appeals

Admissions and Appeals for Blanche Nevile School 

A request for a place at Blanche Nevile School must be made through the child’s Local Authority. All appeals must also go through the child’s Local Authority.

Residents of Haringey can make an application and appeal online by going to:

Pupils will be assessed to establish if their needs can be met at Blanche Nevile School before a decision can be made.

In the Foundation Stage, once a child has been allocated a place at Blanche Nevile, the Foundation Stage staff will make a home visit and arrange for the parents/carers to spend time in school with their child. During this time, a settling in programme is agreed, based on the child’s individual needs. In line with current thinking and government initiatives it is our policy to progress children to full-time as soon as possible.

Admissions policy

Please see our SEND Information Report here

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