Our Mission Statement

At Blanche Nevile School the child is at the centre of our philosophy to create a safe, positive and effective learning environment in which all members of our community are respected. We have high expectations of children’s social, emotional and academic development. We believe that effective communication, praise, celebration of success and quality teaching and learning will enable each individual to reach their full potential.

Developing Sign Bilingual and Bicultural Education for Deaf Children

Aims for our children:

  • Develop fluency of language (English and/or British Sign Language)
  • Develop Proficiency in Literacy (English)
  • Ensure high expectations of each pupil to enable them to reach their potential in all areas of their development
  • Develop a positive self image and identity
  • Develop emotional understanding, resilience and awareness
  • Develop social communication skills with deaf and hearing peers and adults
  • Celebrate and value all successes

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