Inspection dates

2 and 3 February 2023



Blanche Nevile School continues to be a good school.

From the early years, pupils learn that they can achieve highly and that their deafness is something to be proud of and celebrated.

All staff have an unrelenting focus on doing what is right for pupils.

Leaders, including governors, are providing pupils with a high quality education.


Pupils enjoy coming to this special school.

They feel safe and they are happy.

All pupils learn British Sign Language (BSL) as well as English.

Communication threads through everything at the school. BSL is a vital and vibrant aspect of school life.

Pupils and adults communicate throughout the day with humour and warmth.


The curriculum supports pupils to develop an understanding of their own identity.

Pupils grow in confidence while they are at the school.

Adults prepare pupils well for their next steps when they leave at the end of Year 11.

The school expects all pupils to do their best. In lessons, pupils behave well and work hard.


The curriculum is ambitious and well designed.

It supports the personal development of pupils strongly.

There is an appropriate focus on the teaching of BSL and deaf studies.

This is an important and essential part of the school’s unique ‘bilingual’ curriculum.

Pupils learn about deaf role models, in history and the present.

The school’s culture and ethos of inclusion underpin the curriculum.

Leaders and staff model the values of the school and celebrate the achievements of pupils with pride.


Leaders prioritise reading.

By the start of early years, pupils are learning to read using phonics.

Pupils who join the school in later years have lessons in phonics if they are still learning to decode text.

Leaders have ensured that a structured programme is in place for teaching phonics.

Leaders and those responsible for early reading adapt this programme so that it meets the needs of pupils.


Leaders are meticulous in their approach to safeguarding.

Staff know how to report concerns about pupils, and leaders follow up any concerns quickly.

Leaders have ensured that there is a system for keeping records and that pupils get help from external agencies if they need it.


Staff are overwhelmingly positive about working at the school.

They feel that leaders listen and that they consider their workload.


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