At Blanche Nevile, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is interesting, engaging, and provides a range of learning opportunities. We have small class sizes, with a high adult to child ratio. This ensures that lessons are tailored to meet individual needs and that every child receives appropriate levels of support and challenge.

Blanche Nevile Primary follows the Highgate Primary Curriculum (our partner school). This is a Creative Curriculum and is organised into integrated topics. Rather than having timetabled lessons for each subject, our curriculum is taught through topics that cover the national curriculum subjects in a relevant and engaging way. Recent topics include Superheroes, Flight, Explorers and Adventurers and The Circus. We aim to develop all of the children’s unique skills and talents and provide opportunities for everyone to shine.

We use the following Phonics and Reading Schemes:

Floppy’s Phonics through the use of Visual Phonics

Big Cat Collins Reading Scheme

Alpha kids Guided Reading Program

Please click on the links below for more information and do contact us if you would like to know more about our curriculum.

Curriculum Map Autumn Term 2021-22

Early Years and Foundation Stage Curriculum Map 2020-2021

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Map 2020-21 Autumn Term

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Map 2020-21 Autumn Term

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Map 2020-21 Spring 1

British Values at Blanche Nevile School


As well as their Blanche Nevile Class, all our children belong to a Highgate Primary Class. Each child’s inclusion programme is designed with their needs and talents in mind. This provides children with ‘the best of both worlds’ and daily opportunities to learn alongside their hearing peers as well as further developing communication skills and friendships.