Partnership School

Blanche Nevile School for deaf children and Highgate Primary School share the same school site and work in close partnership at all levels. Our children belong to a both a Blanche Nevile class and a Highgate Primary class and have many opportunities to work and play alongside hearing children. Assemblies, playtimes and lunchtimes are inclusive and staff from both schools are committed to supporting good quality inclusion in the classroom and beyond.

British Sign Language is widely used throughout the community. There is Deaf Awareness training for all staff and children, and a number of Blanche Nevile staff provide role models as Deaf adults. The schools have a signing / singing choir for deaf and hearing children and some of our children performed at the opening of the London 2012 Olympics ceremony! The schools are also fully accessible to those with physical disabilities.

Staff from both schools share expertise, knowledge and practice; have opportunities for joint training and work together to continually improve a fully inclusive school community.

For more information about Highgate Primary, please visit their website at

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