Parents and carers are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education. As well as Annual Reviews, parent consultations and evenings and regular contact through the home/school book, we welcome parents into the school to join class activities or special events.

At Primary, we hold regular coffee mornings to celebrate children’s work and to provide time for parents to talk to staff and each other. Parents and carers plan ‘Family Days Out’ during weekends or holidays to encourage and support relationships between our children and their families. Hearing siblings can share their experiences and the whole family can be involved in the fun. Previous days have been visiting the Hendon Aircraft Museum and meeting in Highgate Woods. We always welcome new ideas for future visits!

All children have a statutory statement of Special Educational Needs or are being assessed when they start at Blanche Nevile. As part of the statement process an Annual Review meeting is held every year, or in the Foundation Stage every six months. Parents/carers and professionals involved with the child all take part in the review process.

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