Meeting David Walliams!

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Meeting David Walliams!

David Walliams and Blanche Nevile children

Our lucky Year 5 children, alongside their friends from Highgate Primary,  enjoyed an exciting visit to Highgate Junior School, where they listened to David Walliams talking about his book ‘The Midnight Gang’. David explained that the key to a good story is thinking up a really memorable, evil character. He also revealed that he spends a lot of time listening to real life conversations and peoples’ stories, which he uses as inspiration for his many books.

The Blanche Nevile children asked David some very pertinent questions, including ‘Have you ever thought of including a deaf child as a character in one of your stories?’. At the end of the workshop, the children were treated to a sneak preview of ‘Ratburger’, a TV adaptation of David Walliam’s book which will be out at Christmas.

What a treat for both children and staff!

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